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Sergeant Thunderhoof - The Happiest Days of Our Lives

From the Redux covers album of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Gives me chills every time.

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I wish I could be as cool as Suzanne Ciani in this photograph.

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asking for vpn recs :boosts_ok_gay:​ 

i might be in the market for a new vpn provider at some point (for torrenting - i know they don't provide real anonymity or anything). any in particular you recommend or anything i should be sure to avoid?

right now i'm thinking probably mullvad, but i want to get some other people's insight first. for sure i'm going to avoid anything based in the us.

thanks in advance for any feedback!

I've never liked the idea of being confined to having one identity or persona. I think that's why, during my formative years, I felt so ill-at-ease outside of the Internet.

And then during my adulthood I thought I'd come to terms with displaying one unified identity. But over the past few years that has been falling away.

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I've been thinking a lot about my presence and identity on the Internet. I felt more at ease when my online identity was pliable, even temporary. Just a nick on IRC or handle on some message board. It's why I genuinely felt happier online as a teen: Internet friendships weren't based on my physical appearance, my perceived gender, or the number of followers I had. They were almost exclusively based on how interesting we found each other. Sometimes it was about cybersex too.

Social media isn't really for me. The joy of the Internet was that I got a break from performing my realspace identity.

I miss that.

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Don't waste your time on that corporate cyberpunk crap, play Neofeud, a real cyberpunk game by a real person affected by dystopia who deserves the support

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Hey, I need some advice.

Payoneer support has been simply ignoring me – so basically trying what amounts to theft of the 100$ that are still stuck with them.

I need to know which consumer rights organizations in the US, Germany and Austria are available to homeless people without money like me.

Boosts extremely welcome!

My media player's shuffle algorithm has decided it's really into Arvo Pärt today.

Not really the mood I'm looking for.

I've been on another nostalgia kick listening to albums from the formative times in my life, and this morning I remembered Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals.

Now in the context of when it was released, there was an influx of marketably angsty music in the alternative scene. And in the middle of an era where the scene's frontrunners were in a race to release heavier and angstier music, Marilyn Manson releases a glam rock opera instead.

Mechanical Animals borrows a lot from Ziggy-era Bowie, with the central theme being an unsubtle nod to Bowoe's stellar creation. But it's not a copy, and it stands up on its own.

Anyway, here's one of my favourite tracks from the album, Coma White (cw drugs):

Going to listen to Viva Emptiness by Katatonia while I cook dinner.

Me trying to write AppArmor profiles: I probably wouldn't need to be doing this if I just ran OpenBSD.

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transphobia, cyberpunk 77, gamergate 

Probably one of the best read and resume about how Cyberpunk 77 is the ultimate failure of the genre and made by the worst videogame company of 2020 (even without mentionning crunch culture):

[ ]

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Ful Medames recipe 


Ok, this is half remembered, but it should be fine 😅 It's easy but takes a while to get the beans tender!

• Wash a cup or two of fava beans, soak them overnight with bicarb of soda, then discard the water.

• Put the beans in a pan of water, bring it to the boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer. They need at least 1-2 hours to slowly cook, so start this first!

• Throw a handful of rice in with the beans to help get a thicker texture.

• Chop maybe 1 to 5 cloves of garlic, depending how you're feeling. Add these to the pot.

• Add a tablespoon of cumin powder, a teaspoon of chilli powder, a dash of olive oil. I like to add a vegetable stock cube for richness.

• Stir the pot occasionally so it doesn't burn. Some of the beans should break apart, which will help it to thicken. After a while, you can try a bean occasionally to check the tenderness.

• It's best served with a little olive oil, a dash of lemon juice, and some chopped parsley.


I saw a goldfinch on my walk in the woods today. Not seen one in my area before.

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Speaking of #deusex : the original OST, remixed by two of the original composers

Excellent stuff, old memories and new feelings

Two days after uninstalling the Amazon shopping app I get a physical letter from them offering me 30 days free on Video Prime.

I don't think the timing of the letter after I uninstalled the app is a coincidence.

This is predatory behaviour at its worst.

Also the mini French press I bought arrived today 😊

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