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I'm beginning to regret running badblocks on a 3.8TB partition.

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I'm really getting into the new Pallbearer album. It's definitely a grower. They've swapped out some of the immediately catchy riffs with ones that take a while to settle in, but I think that's a strength for this album. There's a sense of depth here (not that the previous albums were in any way superficial). There's also a more pronounced psychedelic thread that I'm really enjoying.

There's something about that lead guitar sound where there's just a touch of distortion and compression, topped with a healthy amount of analogue chorus. It gives me chills every time.

@mxsiege I finally got a copy of The Midnight's "Horror Show" and I'm enjoying it immensely. You're right about it being close to Nocturnal (which is the album I come back to most frequently).

Also I'm very here for the guitar solo in Neon Medusa.

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Is there a plugin or whatever for #quodLibet so I can use it (or any other music app on linux) to make playlsts that stream from bandcamp?

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These housing coops are all part of a mutual aid network called Radical Routes.

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Persons Unknown ( ), Liverpool – no property yet, looking for 4 more to join their group

Clydeside ( ), Glasgow – no property yet, but wanting a bigger group.

Redcurrant, ( redcurranthousingcoop.wordpres ) Glasgow – buying a house now, could do with 1 or 2 more members.

Wild Peak ( ), Derbyshire – existing housing co-op with land, needs 3+ members, families welcome

Nutclough ( ),

Hebden Bridge – existing housing co-op (Associate), 3 vacancies

Catfish, ( ) Huddersfield – existing housing co-op, 2+ vacancies

Out of Town ( ), Brighton – existing housing co-op, 4 vacancies from end of Feb

Share Instead ( ), Sheffield - existing housig co-op, 2 vacancies

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Btw folks, if you are from the #uk and would like to live in a housing coop, there a bunch of vacancies

Anarres ( ), Bristol – looking for 2 more members to join their new co-op, buying a house now and creating two more bedrooms within a few months.

Bruadair ( ), Edinburgh – no property yet, think land & families.

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TIL I've been putting the washing liquid in the wrong compartment of my washing machine for the past 5 years 🤦‍♂️

Apropos of nothing in particular: I really miss Type O Negative

I'm listening to Bell Witch's Mirror Reaper album again.

It's crushing, haunting and soothing all at once.

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what if, and hear me out here, instance admins and or the communities that make up instances can block/defederate/blacklist whoever the fuck they want for whatever reason they want, consistent with their ethics and the people they want to interact with, and decrying that it ruins federation or some bollocks like that is complete bullshit and you can fuck off.

Broken sleep, dreams 

Ugh I woke up suddenly while I was still dreaming and I feel so confused now

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Can anyone recommend a "Fitbit" like device that allows you to be in control of your own data? (as in, it doesn't transmit your data to 3rd parties & lets you control where the data can go?)

Boosts definitely appreciated

I've been listening to the new Pallbearer album last night and this morning. It hasn't hooked me as quickly as the previous albums but I think this is definitely a grower.

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Polite reminder: Earth is a tree planet with some bacteria. Everything else is just the extra stuff that lives here too.

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