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Help me out! What's some weird stuff you've seen in music that's completely bogus or has conspiracy theories connected to it?

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stop the deportation of Osime Brown 

the UK home office is planning to deport a young autistic Black man under the racist "joint enterprise" law tomorrow.

here's a twitter link:

here's a guardian article:

here's a linktree with info:

Celebrity death 

A fuck. RIP Eddie. You were the reason I first picked up a guitar.

Today's work playlist is MASTER BOOT RECORD's soundtrack for VirtuaVerse, and I am very into this.

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stuff about transphobia, cis people read, :boost_ok: 

Something that cis people need to understand, being trans is like going through water torture.

Almost all transphobia is indirect, it's noticable if you're the target, and it's not something you think twice about otherwise. No single instance of transphobia is enough to make someone beat up a trans woman, or to push someone to kill themselves, but... it adds up. All of these building up an implicit assumption that trans women are pretending, or are sex fetishists. That trans men are just confused women.

From going outside and people openly guessing your genitals as you walk past, to every instance someone calls you "Sir" or uses the wrong name or pronouns, stuff like, cheap jokes about transgender strippers that didn't even need to be in the source material for the joke to work, or trans women being played by men/vice versa.

All of it reinforces the harmful ideas that lead to that one man getting angry and grabbing a baseball bat. All of it gradually wears you down. Each drip becomes more harmful than the last, even though no physical or large damage is happening. And the extent to which this pervades society means it is *impossible to ignore*. You can't even turn on the tv and retreat into a show, because tv -- especially comedies (of which most have a "trans episode" if not a running gag about trans people throughout the show), are terrible with this shit. Hell, you can't even open up a presumably ok thread on the internet without encountering people continuing this shit.

So part of a community being a comfortable place for trans people, means actual *effort* from cis people to:

a) understand that when trans people get angry, it's out of years, decades, of frustration at having to point this shit out, of having these conversations over and over and over

and, b) try not go on the defensive, understand not to take it personally, just take what you can from the message, and work on it. And that effort cannot come /close/ to what trans people expend regularly just having to deal with all of this with /little to no/ help from cis people, with nobody else picking up the slack of dealing with this. With having to educate every single cis person we come across, even though statistically trans people occur at a higher rate than people with red hair, or people with albinism.

I don't blame other trans people for being angry, from snapping at cis people. I don't think it's a good way to get people to engage, but I can't fault then becuase I very intimately know where that frustration comes from

Does anyone have any experience with the NHS Test & Trace Android app used in England and Wales? It refuses to run without Bluetooth and location services enabled but it doesn't request location permissions.

I guess it's not actually using absolute positioning, but it concerns me that Android allows for proximity detection via Bluetooth LE (which isn't that accurate) without needing location permissions.

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Hey, I found these plants discarded near a bin. I've re-potted w new soil and compost.

Any one know what they are? Tips on care? Never had these before

Ah it was reported a year ago and the fix hasn't hit stable yet.

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I've only just started listening to this album but the first song is already giving me chills...

Between The Walls and The Window from Ché Aimee Dorval

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I was on birb talking about how like a quarter of synthwave twitter and some curators/radio shows specifically avoid me/my work, because I refuse to just eat bigotry when it comes my way, and speak out against it, loudly

And its funny that "support the art not the artist" only applies when we're talking about white guys behaving badly

I think I've found a bug in the dnscrypt-proxy-resolvconf service file in Debian's dnscrypt-proxy package

@galdrakinn hi! I see your posts boosted to my tl a fair bit and I always enjoy reading them. Do you mind if I follow you?

Well, all my outdoor plans have gone up the spout thanks to this seasonable weather.

I guess I'll just have to cosy up at home with books, music and tea :oh_no_bubble:

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Mother mushroom and her children, 1900, by Edward Okun

It looks like they're having so much fun with this. So joyous.

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