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it's bandcamp friday!!! 100% of bandcamp sales go directly to artists today

if you want to support independent musicians by buying some tunes today is the day to do it :blobrainbow:

It looks like I've fundamentally misunderstood how importing tasks in ansible works. Back to the drawing board with the thing I'm working on...

Haha yep, looks like I missed entire blocks of functionality out. It's not too bad but some of this needs refactoring.

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I'm so glad I decided to compile tdlib on a first-generation raspberrypi 🙄

Physical health mention 

I felt really foggy yesterday, and after walking up this morning feeling much clearer I realized I may have had a low-grade migraine.

Time to go check if the code I wrote yesterday makes any sense at al...

mental health, negative 

I feel like I'm starting to burn out again. I need a break in my routine to reset.

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i thought i could share my album here... here's some antifascist #chiptune to dance or riot to. i hope you'll like it!

Accidentally fell asleep on my lunch break

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hey do i remember right that someone #onhere maintains a website with a database of trans healthcare providers, including therapists? at my wit's end here trying to find someone to help me with being at my wit's end

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Ghostbuster on the C64 used a nifty algorithm to give the game the illusion of keeping track of your ingame bank balance. :blobsurprised:

I've got an irrational urge to listen to the Ghostbusters soundtrack

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Need help, please boost/offer advice.

I need to get money over to someone in a European city quickly (I'm in the UK). We've tried bank transfer but it's failing for some reason.

Ideally I'm looking for something that can securely get them cash within the next few hours or funds immediately available in their bank account.

Any advice appreciated.

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My SummerSchool Talk 

My talk is in 4 hours (5:00 PM UTC)
I will be presenting my thesis which incorporates colonial histories, contemporary art practices by Black women, and a lot of theory/philosophy. All within Latin Am/Caribbean context.

Any questions pls let me, @Cyborgneticz know!


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If you are in the UK, check out to see if there is a public toilet open near you.

It's a crowd sourced thingy, so if you come across a loo not listed, you can add it.

Thanks to @gid for this info.

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a community of music producers
and DJs promoting diversity and mutual aid

From beginners to professionals, ask a question, give advice, share your works and meet new peers.

All genders and colors - a space friendly and safe for everyone, actively moderated. We act against prejudice and discrimination.

Independent and free - run transparently by volunteers, on a free and non-commercial open source platform. Get involved!

:mastodon: ➡️ @EQlzr

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Thank you to whoever decided to name CVE-2020-10713 'Boothole'. I very nearly wrote 'butthole' in an official company memo. I'm sure that was the intention for naming it that way 👍🏻

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