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No such thing as a person on benefits who is "taking the piss", shut up

@qwazix there's definitely something to the idea of sunlight helping with mood. And sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D. Maybe they are connected.

@unbecoming ugh I'm sorry you get those "here's how I think you should look" comments 😟

For the record your curls look awesome.

Discussion of antidepressants 

@qwazix oops I got my terminology wrong. It acts as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor - another class of antidepressant.

As others have said, how long it takes to notice an effect depends on a variety of factors. My personal experience is I didn't start feeling any benefits from a course of antidepressants until after a few months and it took six months for all the effects to settle.

Body chemistry is complex. Some classes of antidepressants work really well for certain people while others feel no benefits at all. I'd advise patience with the process, whether it's with herbal remedies or prescribed medication.

Finally, and this is from personal experience, if you start to feel benefits it might be tempting to cut back on other little acts of self-care that have been helping you through (this can even happen subconsciously) because you're feeling better. Be mindful of this and try to keep those self-care acts up too.

@qwazix I hope it works for you. I've been taking vitamin D supplements for the past few months and I've noticed my mood is much better than it was in the same period over the last few years. I've not controlled for other factors so it's possible the improvement is nothing to do with vitamin D, but I'm aware there have been recent studies that indicate it helps with seasonal affective disorder.

@qwazix IIRC it acts as a mild tricyclic antidepressant. Just be careful if you have previously been taking SSRI antidepressants (or if you start taking them in the future). It's very dangerous to mix them.

There's nothing like coming across your own name on a headstone while you're out for a walk to really put things into perspective.

@celesteh this is the flimsy justification I need tbh.

@celesteh 99% of the time I spend with this is going to be trying to get dhewm3 to run on it, isn't it?

What song wouldn't be made better by throwing a ripping hurdy-gurdy solo in the middle of it?

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@celesteh oh WHAT

I've never needed anything more in my life than my need for this.

Considering getting a keytar again. Nothing good can come of this...

Hey @pertho do you have much experience with sndiod? Do you know if its listen socket is configurable?

Hah, I had to manually restart ejabberd because the TLS certificate it had cached had expired.

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I'm specifically interested in #noise, #algorave, and #NetworkMusic.

I'm very happy to establish these groups if they don't already exist.

This is very early days of this platform and everything is online right now anyway, so I think it makes sense to cast a wide net at the start with the knowledge that as this grows and venues re-open, greater focus will be required.

#Mobilizon #MastoMusic #ConcertCalendar

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@galdrakinn good thanks 🙂 I'm having a very lazy day, which is fine by me

@galdrakinn good morning 🙂 hope you're having a good start to the day

I love long leisurely mornings, drinking a cup of coffee while I catch up on my favourite webcomics, then taking my time over breakfast while I read my book.

I've got nowhere else to be and I'm thoroughly enjoying where I am.

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