Starting off today with this banger. Razed in Black - Oh My Goth!

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@gid They hate it because it gives the working classes visions of a better and beautiful world.

They want everyone to be mindless drone workers so the rich can get richer.

I am so, so angry at the way the UK Government has not only ignored entertainment and the arts during this pandemic, they've also actively thrown that sector under the bus.

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@pfx "lint highway" this is important science

@Shrigglepuss @guerrillarain happy birthday to you both! Hope you have great days.

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@celesteh yeah phone keyboard autocorrected Numan to Human

@celesteh there might be articles about Gary Human around? he's been quite open about his autism.

Coffee has been achieved. The day may now begin.

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Some thinker wrote a thing about trying to debate fascists which talking about how it was impossible because they don't argue in good faith and will pretend to be joking. It's an influential essay and I can't remember the name of it or the author. And I can't find it because all the duck duck go results are about trump.

Does anyone remember this?

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The problems (no inverted commas needed) are not confined to Mastodon or Pleroma. And while there may well be other software implementations that work differently, maybe even better, they don't solve the general problems. Those problems are cultural, not technical.

As to your second statement, are you suggesting that people who have been harassed and attacked on the fediverse are in some way responsible because they didn't read up or choose their instance carefully enough?

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@wyatwerp whether it was your intention or not, your response puts the burden of change on the people who have already been marginalized and subjected to abuse on the fediverse.

Pointing out the problems on the fediverse isn't negativity: it should act to focus where solutions are needed.

@CaribenxMarciaX @mike

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I sure would like my body to stop aching now.

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