Recommend me music. I'm particularly interested in anything queer, anti-fascist or feminist.

I'll give any style a go.


@gid have a punk song talking about the realities of addiction, self medicating, and mental health.

@gid also, LJG and Against Me and there album Transgender Dysphoria Blues have just been singing the sound of my heart lately.

@gid and also also, because im hella gay and hella trans and make music, some shameless self promotion!

I wrote a 4 track EP House/Techno and Lofi Hip Hop over the course of the first 6 weeks of hormones, and tried to channel that energy into every bit of it! Have a bandcamp link, spotify links are on my profile!

@gid anytime! I am an endless font of music, and I can info dump for hours offeringg recommendations.

@gid Warrego Valles are queer activists, feminists, antifash, futuristic techno-electronic duo. Their latest track is from few days ago on FCKXMS compilation.

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