As I learn more about the #Fediverse I find more communities that think it replicates the toxic environments of centralized networks.

I spoke with some folks from queer communities who think they have the tools to protect themselves. But some think they need to heavily modify #Mastodon code to get by.

People of color especially seem to be struggling here. Many are deplatforming. Many talk about coordinated efforts to harass as well as omnipresent racism.

We need to do better.

The fediverse is an incredibly diverse space and online safety, privacy, and permissions are well established, with mature code and these are core components of some projects.

Apparently not the ones you're using.


We're creating a safer and inclusive fediverse. You can mock us. You can block us. What you cannot do is stop us.

@mike this is just plainly not true. Your bubble is not an indication of the success of over all safety on here.

Diversity is nothing more than a buzzword

And if there are people saying that the fediverse is not working out for them, who are you to say that they're lying. Especially if its from queer people of color.


If you look for problems, you'll find them. But hey, ditto for solutions.

@mike responded about solutions. There are multiple software projects, not just Mastodon, and they make the effort to work with each other, by following standards. mike@ is the originator of a few of those software projects, and if he says creating policies of your choice is supported in some of the projects, it will be.

It is your move.

@wyatwerp whether it was your intention or not, your response puts the burden of change on the people who have already been marginalized and subjected to abuse on the fediverse.

Pointing out the problems on the fediverse isn't negativity: it should act to focus where solutions are needed.

@CaribenxMarciaX @mike

@gid @CaribenxMarciaX

It actually sounds like the "problems" might be with Mastodon or Pleroma instances. And @mike was pointing out that there are better options than those newbie technologies. See, solutions.

Marginalization is not what these messages sound like, they sound more like not reading just a little bit about the domain or not paying attention. I doubt what little I read up runs away and hides when a marginalized person comes along.


The problems (no inverted commas needed) are not confined to Mastodon or Pleroma. And while there may well be other software implementations that work differently, maybe even better, they don't solve the general problems. Those problems are cultural, not technical.

As to your second statement, are you suggesting that people who have been harassed and attacked on the fediverse are in some way responsible because they didn't read up or choose their instance carefully enough?

@CaribenxMarciaX @mike

@gid @CaribenxMarciaX cultural problems are a misnomer, I think, a term used by "us" to tar the "others". Its probably plain limitations of digital communication.

I was suggesting repeatedly that there are options other than Mastodon/Pleroma. If users can't be bothered to discern between platform capabilities, nothing techie about it, just plain disinterest it is.

A link to past threads about which problems are not being solved by non-Mastodon is missing here.
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