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I've finally set up my xmpp account.

I'm at if anyone is interested in a chat.

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I've moved here from @gid, and this is my personal instance. I'm nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them. My interests include and , and I once took a political persuasion test that thought I was eco-anarchist.

I'm still gutted that Anathema have split up. They've been my favourite band for over half of my life.

Every time I saw them play it was magical. To think I'll never see them again breaks a part of me.

Anathema - Distant Satellites

Every few months I'll go off on one about how bad Cloudflare are in pretty much every respect and I guess I'm about due for another rant.

Cloudflare enable Nazis. There's a Nazi site I was looking to report until I realized they were using Cloudflare. Then I gave up. Cloudflare's abuse form literally says that all it will do is forward the complaint to the site owner. Their entire abuse policy is basically "we don't host anything so we don't care". See for yourself:

Oh and then there's the fact that about once a year Cloudflare significantly breaks the web through serious technical failures. The fact that this keeps happening shows that there are fundamental issues with their management.

They're not a good Internet neighbour. They are actively harmful. Please stop using them.

My Seagrave tshirt arrived in the post.

I know what I'll be listening to while doing today's chores now.

I'd love to stay in bed all day but *flails arms theatrically*

I love this song. It's a beautiful ode to the Finnish winter.

Swallow the Sun - These Low Lands

Physical health, negative 

Ugh my entire body feels sore and heavy

@balrogboogie mind if I send you a follow request? I see you posts boosted a lot and I think you're cool.

The lack of self-examination by anarchists siding with fascists because they don't like state control is, frankly, fucked.

There are so many problems with . The fact that they finally pulled their finger out and dropped a platform that hosted Nazis and fascists is not one of them.

White anarchists wringing their hands about deplatforming fascists have some wild priorities.

This is the issue you choose to clamour about?

As delicious as the ongoing Parler hack is, it's also a good case study on how (not) to do service security.

The mistakes/oversights that enabled this breach are pretty basic ones that any experienced operations/security engineer should have been able to handle. But they might not be obvious to developers or engineers who don't work in that field.

The corollary to this is: don't make engineers with no proven experience with security responsible for securing your platform 😛

@sisyphus hi, I'm afraid I don't accept follow requests from accounts that don't have any profile information or public posts.

Notice how all the 'free speech' advocates wringing their hands about fascists getting deplatformed are curiously silent about the lack of access to those same platforms for people living in poverty?

It's like they only care about freedom of a certain type of speech...

Here are all the fediverse/peerhub instances associated with (far-right hub operating under the guise of being anti-big-tech):

I'm not convinced that getting out of bed is worth it this morning. hi! do you mind if I follow you?

Honestly, my advice to anyone running a fediverse instance is block/suspend other instances liberally, for whatever reason you like.

The fediverse is built on protocols that handle privacy imperfectly, and the popular fediverse implementations are woefully lacking when it comes to tools to deal with harassment and abuse.

You don't have any obligation or moral responsibility to federate with instances you're not comfortable with. You're not a common carrier and the fediverse isn't going to fall apart if you don't federate with everyone.

You know, I've never regretted suspending an instance 😊

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