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I've finally set up my xmpp account.

I'm at if anyone is interested in a chat.

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I've moved here from @gid, and this is my personal instance. I'm nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them. My interests include and , and I once took a political persuasion test that thought I was eco-anarchist.

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numpy paper rant 

OK let's burn some goodwill.

There aren't many of us, but I believe ALL non-male openbsd devs currently own an area or are contact point for something specific.

NumPy saw the criticism about their 26-man paper and highlighted woman contributors. None were asked to co-author or will have this for a CV. Numbers are great, but are women and non-binary contributors able to advance? Are they trusted with responsibilities and treated as domain experts?

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gab, soapbox, fediblock 

"Copying is an act of love" is from Nina Paley's copy heart.

is actually a transphobic person:



You can also find studies on how her previous work is basically cultural appropriation "Deconstructing Sita's Blues: Questions of Mis/representation, Cultural Property, and Feminist Critique in Nina Paley's Ramayana" bby Sharmila Lodhia

So yeah, great company to be in if you are soapbox I guess

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Out LGBT teachers are braver than the troops

Holy shit, there are places that'll still fire you for being out and teaching kids (even if they won't officially say so)

I'm having to work with an old SOAP API and I've remembered how much I hate SOAP. "Simple" indeed 😠

I found out today that my favourite band have split up.

I didn't know them personally, but their music has been an important part of my life for almost 20 years.

Thank you, Anathema, for the music. I'm sad I won't get to see you play live again, but I'm glad for all the times I did see you play, and for the impact you have had on my life.

Anyone know what this plant is? Seen in Cornwall, UK. It looks like it's from Little Shop of Horrors, andd it stands over 2m tall (scale in the photo isn't obvious).

: Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness (Laibach Re-mix)

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stockholm syndrome, cops, gaslighting 

@twistylittlepassages Kristin Enmark was more afraid of the incompetent police than the bank robbers that were holding her hostage so the psychologist working with the police made up a syndrome on the spot so they could call her crazy to explain but wanting to die in a hail of bullets because the authorities refused to negotiate. this only happened in 1973, never became a real diagnosis but became sensationalized in the media and popular culture

: Deftones - When Girls Telephone Boys

Today I'm starting my day off with some superlative death/doom: "Puritan Masochism" from Konvent

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Royal Astronomical Society has now confirmed theyve found phosphene on venus which is normally only produced by microbes.

RAS announcing potential life on venus.

I'm starting today off by listening to Nadja's "Touched" album with a big mug of coffee

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if youre in the uk, be aware that janice turner wrote another seemingly horrible article and is really targeting lgbt children and using black artistic production as her vehicle but tbh, when isnt she?

she hates black women, black womens expression and le gayzz so

watch out girls

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hello, fedi community!

i have an ask: are any of y’all good enough at photoshop that you could, if given enough pictures/angles, photoshop my torso with no breasts?

i’ve been really flip flopping btwn getting top surgery w no boobs or tiny boobs, and i want to see what i’d look like with none!

i can absolutely pay u for ur time (esp if ur bipoc/trans), and u also get to see many pics of my tits, if that’s ur thing.

it would mean a lot to this genderqueer person if u boost & help me! ✨

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"In the 1990s, twenty minutes was all it took for local authorities in the Austrian city of Graz to detect and neutralise any illegal radio transmitter. Back then, Reni Hofmüller was part of a group of activists who took over the airwaves with pirate broadcasts every Sunday from the mountains surrounding the city. After short 18-minute sessions, the Radio Dauerwelle team would pack up its equipment and clear out, moments before the authorities arrived. It was a way of bringing new sounds to listeners while at the same time reclaiming the radio waves trapped in a state monopoly.(...)"

Oh wow, I wasn't ready for "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains to come on my playlist 😭

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does anybody here have a contact at the w3? one of their employees is hosting a dox of me with links to revenge porn, and refusing to do anything about it

boosts and advice appreciated

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